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I Want Suggestions, PLEASE!

Hello, my name is Faye, I am 70 years old and have had COPD approximately four years! I have underlying medical issues, had a stroke 12 yrs ago, unrelated to smoking (malformation in my brain). I have had two close friends pass related to emphysema and who wholeheartedly begged me to stop smoking! I have sought counseling, taken medication, used the patch, and prayed! A fear is present for me....death. My sister 'n law stopped smoking five (5) yrs and developed lung cancer and passed six months later!

It is NOT my intent to present with a "sad story", but I am struggling to stop smoking a pack a day! I care for my spouse who was hospitalized for nine (9) months for congestive heart failure, now on dialysis, and an amputee (one) leg. Although, I experience the anxiety, I utilize tools to get me through the anxiety.

To date, I experience intermittent shortness of breath and utilize my inhaler rarely. I have a cough in the mornings. I am no longer on blood pressure meds, per my doctor because my bp is normal.

I want suggestions from those of you who have COPD as a result of smoking or has suggestions for me, I welcome them, please!

I look forward to communicating with you!


Faye M.

  1. Hello Faye

    I’ve had copd and emphysema for over 30 years and I used to smoke roll ups, I smoked about 100 grams a week.
    My breathing got very bad and I was was in hospital for 10 days. I always said if I were to be hospitalised for my condition I would give up smoking. I told my wife when she came to see me to throw away any tobacco I had at home because I wasn’t going to smoke anymore. From that day forward I never smoked again, when I had cravings I would keep myself busy, and it used to pass off. Sometimes I would feel like a cigarette, but in the end I stopped craving for cigarettes, and that’s how I stopped smoking. Now 30 ears on I look back and think to myself, if I hadn’t given up I wouldn’t be writing to you, I hope you can do the same please try it will prolong your life. Take care.

    1. Hello Faye, I smoked 3 1/2 pkgs per day. I had chronic bronchitis. I had tried to stop but would go back again. Then I went on my yearly retreat at a Jesuit Retreat House. As it happened, my Retreat Master had recently stopped smoking and requested I not smoke in his office. We discussed smoking and the ways to cease. I walked over to a outdoor chapel and prayed for help. Threw away my cigarettes and have not had one in over 30 years. But unfortunately I had already done damage to my lungs and I now have COPD. My suggestion is to continue asking for help in pray. No matter Who you pray to, just ask for Devine help. Good luck and I wish you Blessings on this important decision.

      1. There is only ONE God so she should probably pray to that one. LOL

    2. Hi all. I am 75 and have COPD. In 1991 my husband were going to Korea for his work. At the time I smoked probably a pack a day. When I found out we were going, I began to mentally prepare myself to stop smoking there as things would be different there, i.e. no friends who smoked, mealtime would be different, etc. Anyway, I took one cigarette with me on the 17 hour flight just in case, but because I had prepared myself mentally, I threw it away when we landed and have never looked back.

      1. I gave up over 30 years ago before I developed COPD. I had smoked all my adult life until one day. I had suffered all night with asthma. In the morning I was rushed to hospital and had to be resuscitated three times on the way. When I regained consciousness in the Emergency room. The doctor in charge said, If I didnt stop smoking I would not survive next time.. I never smoked from that day forward. But later in life I owned a truck with a crane mounted on the back. While operating the crane I must have inhaled lots of diesel fumes. Plus what I was breathing from other traffic while driving. It was during that time I was diagnosed with COPD. Looking back. Smoking has to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

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