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knowing when its time to let go and let hospice manage you

I was diagnosed with end stage copd 7 years ago.I was placed on oxygen at that time, 3 liters 24/7. Six months ago. I had 5 valves placed in my left lung and was able to breath without oxygen at all.I thought is was a miracle and so gratefull for such a gift. However since that time I was iin and out of the hospital 5 times. 1st hospital admit was a 5 day stay for diverticulitis. A month later another 5 day stay for having water on my r kidney.Two months later I woke up in the hospital after being in a medically induced coma for 4 days They told me I had stopped breathing completely and th at I had double pneumonia and AFIB. Never in my life have i ever been so sick or felt so wel ak That waS in Feb and Ive been back to the hospital twice since also have CHF.

  1. Wow! For as much as we think COPD is The worst that could happen, it sounds like, for you, that is the least of your worries! I also had endopulmonary valves placed in my left upper lung, three, not five, just over two years ago. I was thrilled to hear how successful it has been for you. My first thought is to never give up. Look what you have already come through.
    It does look like illness has rained down on you since you had the valves installed. I am not a medical person, so I have no idea about most of the issues you have survived, but you got through all of them! And you have the valves! So many people want the valves and don't fit the profile. You are a lucky person. I have the same COPD profile, had O2 three years 24/7. Now I normally only use it to sleep. I am a 73 year old woman. My pulmonologist told me the valves will extend my life. I love my life. I wouldn't ever give up. I hope you don't.

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