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Home Oxygen Therapy

My husband is now on home oxygen as of Thursday … he used it Friday for the first time and everything was great including showering etc . His oxygen level with the oxygen was mid 90s but since then his oxygen hasn’t been as good especially with activity (high to mid 80s) we can’t get hold of anyone at Lincare as it’s the weekend any idea what we might be doing wrong as it’s all new to us ? Thank you .

  1. Thank you for the reply I appreciate it … yesterday was much better I think his breathing through the nose wasn’t correct . Yesterday his air was more mid 90s it’s been a long weekend adjusting but I’m hoping we are slowly adapting . Oximeters we have learnt on this journey can be temperamental. The one thing I’d like to ask when using the oxy2go portable is it normal for air to go down after walking but go back up at rest ? I know these are basic questions but they put my mind at rest .

    1. thanks so much for your kind welcoming words

    2. It's my pleasure, Clmonty. We are here to assist in any way that we can. Please feel free to access our community website here as often and, for as long as you like!
      Leon (site moderator

  2. ,
    You didnt say what kind of machine he is getting his oxygen from but probably a big Concentrator. I use mine for O2 at night and I discovered it wasn't putting out Oxygen like it should. What had happened was when I refilled the plastic cup that has water for humidification I hadn't screwed it on properly and it was leaking around the threads! Check everything it may be something simple.

    1. There’s no humidifier apparently we were not given that option.

    2. Hi again, Clmonty - and thanks for your reply and answer. As mentioned not all patients are in need of the humidifier. However, if your husband begins to experience a drying feeling in his nose (the nasal mucosa sometimes become dry when using oxygen and a nasal cannula), you may want to bring it up to your physician and the equipment company.
      Please do keep us posted as to his progress in this regard.
      Leon (site moderator

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