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Going Places with COPD

I’ve always looked forward to summer but with severe COPD not this year. I have an fev of 25% and get anxious thinking about going anywhere. I’m on oxygen so afraid to go to picnics because of nearness to barbecue as one example. I can’t go buy flowers to plant because I get out of breath so easily. Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but I’m afraid.

  1. Gardening is a tough one for sure. I have done 2 things that have helped a lot. I bought a garden wagon so I could take my "yellow" band cylinders out with me, I take 2 just in case. Also room for the small tools. Then I also bought the following.

    You can sit on it, kneel on it and use as support getting back up. Light weight.

    1. I would agree however my numbers are just about always 90+. I can be out of breath when numbers are 96-98. I life something up to carry it and within a couple feet I am getting out of breath..But I always seem to make it home. Thanks for your response.

    2. Hey Tom - I understand! The choices are yours. It's just a conversation with your physician, if you so choose.
      Do you think you would benefit from or, have you tried any type of pulmonary rehabilitation? When you mentioned you get breathless from carrying some weight for no more than a few feet, I wonder if some simple exercises might help to increase your stamina and reserve.
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. I certainly relate to the fears associated with that possibility I may not have my oxygen available. Like if the power goes out during a storm my portable is only good for 4 hours. Right now I have a home generator but probably can't start it by myself. The list goes on with the mind games.

    1. I have been told that when power goes out to call your power supply company, explain your situation to them and if possible they will put you high on the priority list.

    2. I know exactly how you feel and try to tell someone who is healthy.

  3. hi, I'm Amy. I understand totally about being scared to go places. Sadly after a trip to my son last week I had to say I just can't do it again. Its 300 miles on motorway etc. Partly I'm just afraid to be too far from home, what if I got taken to hospital so far away?! I sleep badly at home as it is, and worse in a strange bed..I wish I could go and get plants for you. My partner takes me to garden centres, I'm ok with that. I just can't do the planting bit without making myself really ill, so this has to be the last year of doing that, as twice I've practically had to be carried indoors!! I hope you can still enjoy parts of the summer. I love to hear the birds singing when my windows are open, and I can appreciate the beautiful blue of the sky, the trees, the smell of sea air as I'm blessed living on the coast. Goodnight and stay in touch, lots of friendly folk on here. Maybe post a photo? 😊

    1. Thank you for sharing with us Amy. I am sorry traveling has gotten to be a bit much for you. This community understands. I am so happy you have a partner who can help get you to the garden centers- I am sure that makes you sooo happy! I love gardens and anything in nature. Sending you love

  4. , Hi Papa Smerf here, yes I am finding it difficult to do much of anything yet I push myself as doing nothing is worse. If I go outside and just smell any type of smoke, it takes my breath away, even being on oxygen. And to have to wear a mask on top of it, well let's just say I have grown fond of my walls.

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