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Gaining weight with COPD

Hi everyone, I am 60 years of age and diagnosed with COPD two years ago, I stopped smoking straight away and felt much better as my sense of taste returned and my sense of smell eventually returned. I have tried in vein to exercise on a daily basis as I find it too stressful and am worried I may suffer a heart attack if I push myself. Although I was 12 stone through out my adult life, since my diagnosis, I have gone up to 16-1/2 stone (4-1/2 stone gain) and my abdomen has swollen considerably despite my appetite not being what it used to be. I presume the weight gain is because I do not exercise enough but I don't know why my abdomen is so swollen? Has anyone else had this?

  1. Hi Stuart1956 - we hear you! Others in our community have expressed similar experiences with COPD, and weight issues. I thought you might find it helpful to review these two articles on COPD and bloating.
    First, part one:
    And next, part two:
    Since you also have concerns about exercising, I would suggest you contact your physician for guidance about your specific condition, exercising and especially pulmonary rehabilitation. You may find it helpful and interesting to begin with this overview of pulmonary rehab:
    Please check back with us and let us know how you're doing.
    All the best, Leon (site moderator)

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