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Does anyone experience feeling hot without a temperature or fever?

My dad is on permanent oxygen and constantly feels hot but does not have a temperature. Nothing seems to help and doctors don’t know what it is. Can anyone help? 🙏

  1. Thank you for your reply, it’s driving him mad to the point he can’t sleep. He now sleeps with the air conditioner on but he says he still feels hot all the time, I’m glad you are ok and I will tell dad he’s not alone in the hot symptom thing.

    1. Hi again, hannah, and thanks for your reply (above) and explanation. I'm sure cdandy will be please with the conversation.
      Leon (site moderator

  2. I do COPD and at times feel like I have fever. But it always shows around 97.5. I went to the hospital and they took my temp before I went any further and I felt fine but showed 100.4 temperature. So they tell me to home and quarantine for two weeks because of Covid 19, then they called and I had to contact health Dept and they sent me to me tested for the coronavirus. It was negative. This is a long answer, but yes I do feel like I have fever at night and don’t. And sometimes don’t feel like I do and I do have a temperature. I don’t have an answer I just know how I feel. Hope your dad is doing okay.

    1. Hi again, cdandy, and thanks for lending your own support and encouragement here. We value your feedback, as well as your candor with the community.

      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. hannah123, please keep us updated on how your dad is doing.

    1. Hi hannah123
      I'm sorry that your dad is struggling and feeling hot. Is his breathing fluctuating during this time or his oxygen levels?
      I get hot and sweaty. Within a half hour, I get the chills. These fluctuate back and forth. So I may have some understanding of what is going on. This also gets triggered when I am reacting to allergies, so it is likely that his is different.
      As Leon mentioned, you may want to speak to your dad's specialist. Because he is the only person that can diagnose and treat your dad, unless you see another medical professional there.
      ~Janet (site moderator/

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