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Cough chronic

Does anyone have any recommendations for the chronic cough associated with COPD? I understand there's a medication in Sweden to help control, chronic cough, but I don't find anything here in the United States. Any recommendations? Anyone have the same problem?

  1. , Fresh pineapple seems to help with my coughing. I’m not sure that everyone finds it helpful but it works well for me. My best to you, Becky (moderator)

    1. I'll try anything. Thank you.

    2. , just a reminder to check with your doctor before trying anything new, what works for one might not work for you and they may have some additional suggestions for you! Best, Sam S. (Team member).

  2. Sorry that your cough is giving you fits. Have you tried room temperature or slightly warmed honey, yep by the spoon full? Warm tea with honey I have heard some people speak of. As for myself it depends on the cough, dehydration is my biggest issue when it comes to a dry cough (most times), then the next is thick post nasal drip (saline spray to the nose helps with that). Finally when all else fails I have prescription for Benzonatate aka Tessalon Pearls. I will not use these though if my cough is productive and getting the mucus out.

    I hope you find some relief sonn.

    1. I can't understand why my pulmonologist has not recommended anything for the chronic cough when I told him the Quality of my life was about a one now because of the coughing and more unfortunate issues involving the coughing. Perhaps I need to get a new pulmonologist here in Florida.

      1. Oh the woes of doctors. Coughing from my non medical understanding is caused by usually an irritant; smell, something inhaled etc.. Are you possibly now allergic or just sensitive to something in your daily life that has been there constantly? Could it be you are sensitive to the smell of one of your personal hygiene items; shampoo, D.O., make up, lotion etc... Food, something you eat or drink could be causing this to happen. A pet? Our bodies are weakened by this disease we share, the immune system tires causing us more havoc then we wish. I would hope that your doctor would have at least set you on a path to check some of this out and give you something to ease the coughing somehow until a cause for it could be found, just this one persons thought of course. If you are not happy with how your current doctor is helping or not helping you, yes you have every right to seek out a new doctor or at least a 2nd opinion. Please always advocate for yourself, ask direct questions and expect a direct answer, no answer then ask again. Please keep us posted on what is happening, you are not alone in this battle..

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