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COPD equiptment issues

I was diagnosed just over 3 yrs. ago with COPD, put on oxygen right away. Over the last three years I have had 3 regulators fail. Yes, FAIL!
Thankfully the first two were at home and since I have always had two I was ok till I got a replacement. However this last time yesterday, see story was scary to say the least.
10-25 …..I was going to a hotel to reserve a room for a friend. I picked up the small tank in the sleeve (red band) to check the oxygen level,, it was totally empty!! Strange as when I used it just the prior day I put a full tank in as there was just a small amount in the one I replaced. Anyway I put a new tank in and checked it. It registered full so I set it on conserve and went to truck. Put the tank in the passenger seat as always, and went to the hotel which is less than 15 min away. All this time it was on conserve 5 LPM. Checked it as I was about to go into hotel only to find it also was totally empty. ??? Lucky for me I also had my cart with two tanks (yellow band) on it. It was in the back seat so I was able to get it out and go into hotel and then put it in the front seat going back home as the tubing was not long enough to reach me in the front seat. Lost two tank-fulls of oxygen. The regulator on the small tank went bad … BUT when I got home I had to park in driveway, taking several minutes to remove tubing from nose, walk around truck, open door get tubing, and tanks out. Even though that in it’s self does not sound like a long time but when you need oxygen and can’t get it RIGHT now it seems longer than it really is…Then I put the tanks back in the back seat area and;
Solution was to remove existing tubing, add about 10 ft to the tank and put it back in the backseat. Added 2 swivels, 2 “y” connectors and 2 straight connectors.
I have to think, what would have happened if I did not have the other tanks with me?
Has anyone else had issues with their regulators?

  1. Hi ! I can't imagine how scary that must have been. I did have a regulator that I had to replace the 0-ring all of the time. They finally replaced it after I complained enough. Thank you for sharing! Best, Jackie (Moderator)

    1. I soooooooooo appreciate being in touch with my COPD "community"; I'm on #3 concentrator at home and INogen when away from home. I can highly recommend both. Apria is my provider through Kaiser and they have been great. I DO need help about what to do if you (I) get bronchititis and wheeze so loudly I cannot sleep. Any ideas/experience? Thanks-giving for you help. blessings.

      1. Hi Mary, and thanks for your post, I see my colleague, , has already responded to your post and provided links to several articles on the very topics for which you have concerns.
        I have a thought to share with you as well. If you find that you are wheezing (as you said, loud enough at night to keep you from sleeping), it may be that your medication regimen requires some 'tweaking' by the physician. Alternatively, if you are on bronchodilator therapy, you may want to check your schedule and see if you can take the medication closer to bedtime. This may help to alleviate some of the wheezing. What do you think?
        Have you had an opportunity to discuss this with your physician as yet?
        Like you, we are glad that YOU found our community - please know, you are always welcome here!
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

      2. thanks for the info; I'll follow up! Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. This was also a concern for me. As a result, I decided to replace my machine( ). There are so many styles and varieties to choose from that you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. You might get assistance from a sleep professional to help you choose the best one. I hope you find a quick solution to your situation.

      1. Hi Randall, and thanks for sharing with the community how you are managing your therapy at home.
        There are any number of commercial products, brands, and styles available to the consumer. It is always a good idea to discuss one's therapy needs with one's prescribing physician prior to selecting any mechanical device or interface for use in the home.
        We appreciate both your input and your feedback.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    3. I'm really new to COPD.Net. so far it's great. I get scared alot. I'm thinking of going to the class at Mercy.

      1. I seem to pick on you a lot. You see my friend I am not complaining so much but I have no support group. My sons live several hours away and when I do get to chat with them I try to bring "me" up but they don't seem interested. At 75 my friends so to speak are all married or passed on. Or scared of COVID! Enough of that, several years ago while in prayer this came to me, I jotted it down instantly, passed it on to several folks at different times in their lives.. I don't know if you would pass it on or not, might or might not be in the "right "interest..
        When you feel like you are drowning in life...Do not worry as your Lifeguard walks on water and He is there for you.
        Hope your day is going really good. Tom

      2. Hi Tom - thanks for your post. I am not feeling 'picked on', but rather enjoy all your posts within our community website. I've also enjoyed the several private messages you've sent to me here on the website as well.
        One's faith can be an important and crucial part of managing this condition for our community members.
        Glad to hear yours is important to you as well!
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

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