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COPD and falls.

I wonder if anyone else has had falls caused by the oxygen line. In the past six weeks I have had four bad falls caused by tripping over the oxygen line. I have had severe bruising, large blood. blisters, and after the latest fall cannot bear weight on my left leg for more than 5- 10 minute. Mercifully, I haven't broken any bones, but I think this is because I have had poor balance and been subject to falls since age 8 when encephalitis completely deafened one ear.Since that time I have had literally hundreds of falls and have never broken a bone. At age 80, I fell hip first onto a concrete sidewalk. Very bad bruise. No break. I don't think this is because I have unusually strong bones (I'm actually rather fine-boned) but because, after all these years, I have learned how to fall.
All this is merely prelude to asking why there are not more safety precautions built into oxygen regenerators: does the tube have to be transparent? Can it not come with a mild built-in cord retractor?

    1. Hi Tom - I know we talked about this a few weeks ago. This is that device which you explained is so helpful for you. Perhaps others will look into it (so many of our members have spoken about the challenges they face trying to keep the extra lengths of oxygen supply tubing from tangling), and discover it's something that will be of benefit to them as well.
      Thanks for sharing this!
      Leon (site moderator

  1. This is what you and a ton of others need...Cost is around $200 but worth it in the long run.

    1. I've not had falls but I feel very uneasy on my feet some times especially if I have to walk a fair way. I also had open heart surgery last year to have a mechanical mitral valve put in and an andioplasty of another. After the heart surgery I had to have 3 litres of fluid drained from my lungs. And all this combined makes me feel dizzy and exhausted alot of the time. If I do some thing tiering I then have to take a day or two to recover.

      1. Hi jgpf, and thanks for your post. I am sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing managing to get around with the oxygen supply tubing tripping you up. You are indeed fortunate to have fallen so often and not broken any bones!
        After all the years in this industry, I am not aware of any type of oxygen tubing retractor that is available for sale. There are folks who have devised home-made remedies in their homes and, I am hopeful any of our community members with that type of experience, will chime in here and share their successes.
        Perhaps some of the clinically based moderators/advocates will have anecdotes to share as well.
        On a more practical level, some folks do run the oxygen hoses (from the oxygen concentrator) to different rooms, stabilize them, and then hook up their cannulas in the room where they plan to be.
        Others sometimes position an oxygen cylinder in any room where they plan to be and then attach their cannula to the oxygen tank in that room.
        These types of solutions will obviate the need for long lengths of oxygen tubing running around the house and posing a trip hazard.
        I am hopeful this brief reply has provided you with some ideas that may be helpful for your particular situation.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

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