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Continuous oxygen

I pretty much am oxygen perpetually. When out I use portable. When at home I use my regular concentrator. I can go room to room with it. How do you find tubing that doesn't coil up and kink?

  1. Just get shorter lengths and use those connectors so you can swivel the hose that's getting tangled. I think the 15-foot lengths work well.

    1. Like I use a smaller size hose 25ft x 2 with swivel connectors. Should be able to contact your O2 supplier for them. It really does help all that craziness.

      1. I purchased 1/4 inch split cable wrap from Amazon and use it on a 50 foot hose (which is supposed to be non kinking). It takes a little time and effort to get it on the hose but once it is on I have no kinks or knots. Here is a photo. I will never use a plain hose again. Once in awhile I give it a shake if the coils seem to get too tight and I’m good to go again. Hope this is something you can try. I tried to show the wrapped hose but only allowed to up load one photo. This is how you put the wrap on.

        1. What a great idea, . Thanks for sharing and thanks especially for posting a photo. That makes it easier to envision how you use it. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

        2. great idea! Thank you so much. Even though I use the shorter hoses there is still kinks once in a while. ! Off to Amazon I go! thanks again

      2. Let me know how this works for you. Don’t get frustrated getting the hose into the cable wrap as it does take sometime for me because my hands aren’t as strong as they used to be. Also make sure to buy the SPLIT wrap as there are several kinds. I paid about $30 for the wrap but have used it for about a year on several different hoses. This is what my hose looks like after dragging it to my room from the kitchen. It straightens right out again when I start walking about again. I have never had a kink. I have no animals but the guy who delivers my supplies told others about it and apparently cats and puppies don’t like it to chew on. Can’t prove that personally but that would be a bonus for others. Hose with wrap

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