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Climbing stairs with copd

Recently moved into apartment with 12 steps up to bedroom. Reluctant at first to see if I could do it on a daily basis. Been here 3 weeks, the more I do it the less I get out of breath. Was getting no exercise at all, now I'm starting to breath easier, except for 95 degree weather and high humidity outside.

  1. Hi again, chrisptx and thanks for the prompt reply and answer. I think you're doing extremely well with all this. Keep up the good work! Leon (site moderator)

    1. I recently moved into a place with 15 steep steps and like you, it was hard to climb them and I actually had to stop halfway through for the first few weeks to catch my breath, and I actually tried to avoid going up the stairs as little as possible.

      But then I just told myself you've gotta conquer this problem, and so I just started climbing them several times during the day and rested when I needed but kept at it.

      After a month or so I don't really get out of breath on just one trip up, but tried going up and down several times in a row and I get really winded and even dizzy when trying to catch my breath.

      And yesterday I tried carrying a heavy suitcase up the stairs and had to stop not even half way up to catch my breath, and when I got to the top it took several minutes to fully catch my breath and to quit breathing hard.

      1. Hi again, chrisptx, and thanks for this post, too. It sounds (to me) like you've accomplished a great deal with the (15) steps which provide access to your place. It appears with patience and a gradual approach, you have increased both your strength and stamina to be able to conquer those stairs on a daily basis. Good work! I'm sure your dogs appreciate your new found ability too! It may take a bit more time to do this on a regular basis (with heavier items such as the suitcase (you mentioned) or other packages, like groceries. Perhaps these stairs will serve to function as your own personal pulmonary rehabilitation. What do you think? Warm regards, Leon (site moderator)

      2. Yes, as much as I dislike climbing the stairs I realize that it's helped me to build up strength in my legs which leads to me being less winded over time. And I think it's helped with me being able to take longer walks as well. I have a treadmill that I try to use a few times a week as well to build up some stamina.

    2. It's my pleasure, bassman. We hear you. We try to 'de-emphasize' the cost when thinking of our (breathing) comfort. That certainly becomes more important from our perspective! Hang in there! Leon (site moderator)

      1. Hi bassman and thanks for your post. It sounds like you have your own little pulmonary rehabilitation program as an integral part of your new apartment - the 12 stair!!! By doing it each day, you've gradually built up your muscles and stamina to the point that you can feel the difference. Keep up the good work. As for the humidity, many of our members have advised us they have more difficulty breathing when the heat and humidity goes up - so you are not alone. Do you have air conditioning to help you to manage these weather conditions? Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

        1. Thanks Leon, We do have central ac but had to get a window unit for upstairs. Not looking forward to the electric bill however keeping rooms at comfortable temps are a must for us with copd.

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