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Bronchial rheoplasty for chronic bronchitis

I'm very interested in this clinical trial but my fev1 is too high to be eligible to participate. I've been following previous phases of this treatment and it looks promising to largely mitigate but still not cure chronic bronchitis.

Anyway, many trials have now begun across the US.

  1. Hi @nobody special, and thanks for your post - we appreciate it.

    Even though you feel your forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1), is too high, you may still want to reach out to participate in the trial. Unless you know specifically that your level FEV1 has been excluded, you may want to let the folks running the trial let you know that themselves.

    What do you think?

    Leon (site moderator

    1. I did that already with this, the Mayo clinic stem cell trial last year and a few others. It was pretty disappointing being turned down after I confirmed my FEV1 with them but that requirement was in the inclusion criteria so I was not surprised.

      The messed up thing is that researchers running the trials don't realize fev1 is not a tell all symptom of severity. The old NIH group does.

      Chronic Bronchitis Is Associated With Worse Symptoms and Quality of Life Than Chronic Airflow Obstruction

  2. Hi again, nobody special (@kerrysworld), and thanks for your response and explanation.

    We appreciate you sharing the links which support your point of view.

    Warm regards,
    Leon (site moderator

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      Thank you.

      Take care.

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