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Bathing with COPD

I’m having trouble washing my long hair in the bath tub and when I try to shower the air is so full of heat and humidity that I have trouble breathing. I use O2 at night and some during activity during the day. Does anyone have tips for using O2 in the shower?

  1. Try placing your tubing over shower rod.

    1. Thank you for all the replies. I’ve been feeling very alone lately. First of all I live in Alabama and although I’m full vaccinated with the Mederna vaccine I’m terrified of getting sick with Variant D Covid, because of my COPD. I will definitely try the tips and go to the link. Again thank you for helping me feel no so alone.

      1. Hi again, Jeannie - so glad to hear the replies have helped you to feel somewhat less alone! I think when you take a look at the tips and links, you may find some ideas which will help you manage a shower more comfortably.
        When you have a chance, please do check back and let us know how this all works out for you.
        Remember, you are always welcome here!
        Warm regards,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. HI, Julie kay here. I don't love taking showers as I use to. I do use my o2 in the shower. I have to. I am at stage 4 end stage copd. I use oxygen 24/7 at 4 LTR. . I turn my oxygen up to 5 when showering. Also I leave the door open about a foot And I sure don't take hot showers anymore. I sometimes leave about 5-6 inches of the shower curtain open to insure no build up of steam.. Then I can slow down. Besides slowing down is much better as to not get stressed and not breathing with more difficulty. I too have long hair. Try using just one hand when doing your hair, it makes a big difference. Then just try to think only about your breathing correctly. Best wishes in trying to enjoy showering again.

      1. I have found out that if I leave the shower door open while showering that the humidity does not build up in the shower - I still have to take fast showers cause I can't breath but I can take a couple minutes longer with the door open

        1. That's a great tip, thank you for sharing with us! - John M. ( Team)

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