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Alternative Therapy: Cordyceps

Has anyone any experience with Cordyceps? I’ve been doing some research online and it would seem to be a truly “magic” mushroom…..

Im thinking about giving it a go and seeing what happens.

Some info from my online research:

  1. I haven't used it yet. I am wondering how it would go for you.

    1. , I am not familiar with Cordyceps, but from the information in the article, I can see why you would be curious about it! Does your doctor think it might be a good idea? Also I noticed that the article said it can be hard to find, were you able to determine how to get it? If your doctor doesn't think it would be dangerous or contraindicated with any of the medications you take/conditions you have, and your doctor supports trying it, I hope it ends up being helpful to you! Keep us posted on your progress! Warmly, Melanie (team member)

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