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A Story from a Hoosier Girl

I am a retired school bus driver. Never smoked. 64 yrs young, married 45 yrs. I started with the symptoms almost 4 yrs ago. I just was in the hospital in Florida for 6 days with a collapsed lung, pneumonia and bronchitis. Had a severe flare up. No more Florida.

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My hubby bought a painters mask to filter out the traffic fumes. That is the only way we were able to drive back home to Indiana. It took 4 days to drive home because I couldn't take long drives. He really saved the day.

I have 4 nodules in my lungs and and mediastinal lymphadenopathy. That showed up in the CT scan in Florida, so I'm thinking it was a blessing in disguise. I didn't know about the nodules before! Hoping for the best! I just lost my 3rd uncle to this disease last week. It was so personal for us. I do the treadmill as much as I can. I'm on 4 inhalers daily no O2 yet.


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