Hope this might help others (slipping rib)

Last updated: April 2022

I had a flare-up that started around November 15th, 2021. It lasted months. After two weeks, I started to have a severe pain in my back where a rib attached to the backbone.

Unbearable pain

My provider prescribed prednisone 5mg. Along with an antibiotic. (no help) By December the 1st, 2021, the pain had become unbearable (like being stabbed repeatedly with a knife) Had an X-ray of my lung, normal.

Went to the emergency room only to wait for over an hour and left when the pain got worse (small town, poor medical care). Finally saw a new physician who I asked for a longer and stronger prednisone. He started me on 60mg per day, tapering off to one a day for 28days. Studied Google to find out why I was in such pain.

Figuring it out

I discovered that I was suffering from costochondritis (cartilage weakens allowing ribs to pull loose, self-diagnoses.

Went to a chiropractor who moved the rib back in place. The next night, I slept for the first time in months.

Feeling better

I'm in recovery now. But if anyone has chest pains that can't be explained, check the ribs. I believe excessive coughing can cause them to pull loose.

Also, don't be afraid to start prednisone. Don't wait until you're in terrible pain.

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