COPD and Exercise

I am 67 year old man with COPD. I use oxygen at night and have been told to use it when I walk as well. Interesting how many people have been so worried about me after they first see me with my oxygen concentrator. I must look sicker than I am.

Preventing muscle wasting through exercise

My pulmonologist sent me to pulmonary rehab where I learned about the concept of muscle wasting. I ride a big Harley Davidson motorcycle and cannot afford one less muscle. I have worked hard over months to get to a point where I feel I’m making some progress in that regard.

My exercise plan with COPD

So every morning I turn the oxygen up to 4 liters and take my golden retriever for a two mile walk. After I drop him home, I continue for another two miles. They are slow miles but they are miles. After I rest I alternate daily doing bicep and tricep exercises.

It is not an easy lifestyle but it beats working for a living. Hoping to live longer and enjoy life.

Best to all of you,


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