Diane With Advanced COPD

I haven’t written for a while. It seems like I’m getting more and more forgetful. Days of the week. Severe back pain for over 25 years. Getting worse. Now down my leg. Constant pain. This coming Friday they are putting an SCS stimulator in. I’m very careful with my pain medicine. I had a problem with pain meds from the early nineties. Had 3 major back surgeries including spinal fusion. I could go on having 10 surgeries in 5 and a half years. Hit in the rear which broke my neck in 2 places. 7 knee, neck, and hip replacements.

Chronic pain all the time

I’m in chronic pain all the time. Cannot have any more surgeries because of my COPD. My breathing? I try to stay positive but it’s getting to me. My sons think I’m high. They think because of years ago but I’m not at all now. My eyesight is bad for a few months now. Dry eye, may need eyelid surgery? And waiting for a blood test to come back, to see what they’re going to do. Also, my toes are all blistered. Dr says poor circulation. I finally went to drs waiting for blood test for that result.

Getting a caregiver to help out

I'm going into a trial. I'm trying everything I know to try and get better. My cough has gotten worse and the mucus from my mouth and nose has gotten worse. I'm not ready to pack it in. My significant other has had it and argues with me and I get so stressed. It’s too much for him. But not my fault. I can hardly walk or put pressure on my leg up to my hip. I'm alone most of the time. Now that Ben went back to work. I’ve decided to get a caregiver. I fall a lot and now I’m so unsteady. Ok enough.

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