My struggle with doctors

My user name is dawnish.

I have been struggling with asthma for decades, smoking since 13 years old, quit smoking at 33 years old, my breathing slowly got worse as my life went on.

Before work, I had bad dizzy spells, ended up falling flat on my face, in the middle of a commuter rail track. Told my doctor, he said there was nothing can be done. I moved to Arizona, was referred to a pulmonologist and he took a battery of pulmonary function tests found I am in the moderate phase of COPD. I use a nebulizer and those meds open my airways.

I am on oxygen 24 hours a day and albuterol inhaler to help my breathing when outside with my portable tank, at home have an oxygen concentrator. My advice to ANYONE with COPD is to get a pulmonologist to start treating your disease correctly. This doctor has been my greatest advocate as far as my wellbeing is concerned. I hope I helped with getting the care you need. Take care. - Dawnish

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