The Problem

Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with cold. For years I had complained to my Dr about inability to breathe. His answer was walk, walk walk. That was the problem. I couldn't walk very far at all. I had zero energy. Life was a chore

The Treatment

I now am on trelegy and use the nebulizer once a day. For the most part it is enough.
Some days I nebulizer several times a day.
Since I have chronic bronchitis I tend to avoid driving around. I am allergic to the pollution in my city. There are a lot of chemical plants and meow mix factory that the wind blows in my direction.
My hobby is diamond art. It keeps me busy. I let my grandkids pick out pictures they want. It keeps me from being bored. I do get out about once a week for groceries, etc.

How it's going

Copd has caused me to have a major life change. I do have to limit the time I can be active, but at least I now know what is wrong.

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