Lost with COPD

Last updated: June 2023

I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D back in 2007. That was it. No one told me anything about it. Just that I have it. I never really understood how it works or what I had to look forward to.

Lack of information

The doctor gave me an inhaler for my shortness of breath and that was that.
I ended up moving to another state and didn't have insurance so I pretty much winged it for about 10 years not thinking much about it except the shortness of breath was getting a lot worse. I moved to Oklahoma and ended up finding a free clinic. They helped me get the medicine I needed, but still didn't really give me much information.
Then I had heart failure. First time in the hospital. Scared and still uninformed.
A few months after that, I ended up with low oxygen in my blood.
They gave me 5 years. That was 2019.

Fight to live

If it wasn't for this forum and the people talking about their experience and knowledge about what we go through, I don't think I would have made it this far.
I honestly believe I would have taken the easy way out. Now I know more about it and how to deal with a lot of it. The people here have made it easier to fight to live.
Thank you all.

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