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Hubby's Life with COPD

Husband is currently stage 4. He's been on oxygen since 2008. Concentrator at home and motorhome. Liquid oxygen when away from home. In June he was put on hospice, 3 to 6 months. He is still mobile, caring for his personal needs. Can't do anything or oxygen levels drop as low as 70's. Morphine helps restore his oxygen levels within minutes.

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Last week (Wednesday) he became very sick. Oxygen level 60, temperature was 102. Hospice ordered antibiotics. Thursday he was almost back to normal for him. Saturday and Sunday some confusion. The last three days back to normal. Hospice now said they will no longer give him antibiotics (if he gets sick again), as the antibiotics are keeping him alive and not allowing him to die.

Because he is still active (not bed ridden), goes to bingo and the casino, not actively dying we may take him off hospice. Hoping to find a doctor who will treat him with antibiotics if he gets sick again. Long story. I can understand that approach if he was actively dying and not participating in daily life. But not for someone still enjoying life with family and friends.

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