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Getting along

I don’t go very far nowadays. Sleep all day in my chair. On oxygen now so I catch my wind faster. Been retired now for 10 years, thought I would work until I die…no way.

Getting by

Have lots to do at home..just can’t. Lose my wind fast. Have to rest. Afraid to shower, but I sit on a stool every week. I’m not alone but feels like I am. Can’t go to the store anymore. My kids are a big help. Love reading this I’m not alone.

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  • GrandmaLin
    7 months ago

    Hi David. Having one of those days when you aren’t at your best aren’t you? Had my share of those, man is that an understatement. This disease is not easy and some days reminding myself how good I have it just doesn’t work. I have lost a great deal of my physical independence and I mourn the loss. Its OK to mourn our loses but not OK to stay in mourning. I may cry today but tomorrow I will feel better and smile again. As they say…”Hang in there!” Know that you are not alone.

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi GramdmaLin and thanks for lending your support and encouragement. We hear you! Leon (site moderator)

  • Janet Plank moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi Davidthepierat
    It’s good to hear from you.
    I understand your thinking you would work until you die. I always said that I would never retire, I couldn’t see myself sitting around. Surprise!
    It’s hard to look around the house and see things that need to be done and to realize that we just can’t do them. Sometimes it’s hard to accept help or to realize we can’t always go places, or even shower. Limitations.
    It’s wonderful that your kids help you.
    David, you aren’t alone and I’m grateful that you know that. There is a lot of support throughout the sites.
    We are always here for you.
    Janet (site moderator)

  • Lyn Harper, RRT moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi Davidthepierat – thank you so much for sharing your story with us. As you say, you’re not alone by any means. I hope you’re finding this community to be a resource for information and a place to feel supported.
    It’s great to hear that your kids are a big help; that can make such a difference in how we live our lives.
    Please take care.
    Regards, Lyn (site moderator)

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi Davidthepierat and thanks for posting your story to share with the community. As you pointed out, you are never alone here in our online community. Please know as well, that you are always welcome. It’s good to hear you have a strong support system at home and that family is a part of it. Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

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