Exercises that change my life

Last updated: December 2021

My name is John Latuharhary, I am 68yrs, I smoked almost my entire life, I had been diagnosed with COPD about 4yrs ago... I had shortness of breath.. just doing household stuff... even taking a bath. I had to stop several times. I had an Oxygen stand by 24/7beside my bed... I need to refill every two-three days. It's a nightmare...

Starting to exercise

I start my exercise..walking.. slowly.. start with 50mtr..then 100mtrs.. then... 1km...2km...I do my cycling... I jog 2-3 times a week...I feel great... I never use my Oxygen. I never use my inhaler... No more shortness of breath... almost 2yrs...By the end... exercise become addicted..... it will keep your entire body healthy... So do not stop exercising... the result.. you will get are priceless... God bless

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