Double Jeopardy

I have COPD and sleep apnea. I use a CPAP machine. I get winded much too easily. The CPAP has kept me more alert and energized, although I still have days where I may doze in the afternoon.

The struggle to exercise

My big problem is consistently exercising to strengthen lung and body. I forgot to add that I also have arthritis in my lower spine. It's hard to walk even short distances. I tried chair yoga for seniors- I think I hurt my neck. I bought a small elliptical gadget. Well, I won't tell you how often I use it. Another thing, because I coughed so much when I had bronchitis, my voice became hoarse and raspy. It's been over a year and there's not much change. I'm so thankful that my problem is not worse.

Hearing from others

I just want to hear from how some of you deal with COPD and sleep apnea. I'm 70 and was diagnosed last year, but I think I may have had COPD longer than that. God bless you all.

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