Don’t give up!

Hi all,
Well, the last two weeks have been bad with Dan being in hospital again. This is the second time in two weeks.He is having a really hard time with his heart but the problem is he has given up.

The fight

He was told he had COPD about 10 years ago. He took it like a death sentence.
His overall body shape has gone to, well you know and now when he needs his strength to fight he has none to give. I his wife have had to sit by and watch this man who was a hard worker, worked 24/7, did big game hunts turn into a frail man because despite all my suggestions and pleading with him he can and could do normal things although it would be harder with COPD HE STILL COULD LEAD A GOOD LIFE! But no he would not even try. Just decided he was going to die tomorrow or by Xmas or the next spring. So in living with this mindset he has gotten so thin, no muscle tone left so to speak and now does not have the strength to fight!

I think this is the place to write how well you are doing and how you are fighting to get better so excuse me if I am not in the right place.

Don't give up!

Fight everyday to keep doing the things you love to do. Keep your strength up and push yourself if you need to. I am sorry for this awful disease and I am sorry for my husband. I will be here and for I what time I have left I will fight for the right to be alive.

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