Diagnosed 6 years ago...

Last updated: April 2017

I was diagnosed 6 years ago when I had pneumonia. I was given a nebulizer and breathing meds. I managed really well until August of last year and had "the bump" as they call it and things have been worse.

I take a lot of vitamins and eat fairly healthy. I have had to learn that on some days I just have to take it easy and do nothing - I am reading books by the dozens. Walking a short distance is hard and leaves me breathless - but I can go to Walmart or where they have carts and it is like a walker for balance. I try to get my exercise that way.

Magnesium (1000mg -1250mg) really have helped the muscles in my rib cage, and leg cramps. I just bought a room de-humidifier to see if that helps my breathing because here in Alabama, the humidity is horrible - I actually think it is helping - anyone else tried this??

I have found that 20-40 oz. of water with lemon juice (juice of a whole fresh lemon) will clear the mucus and make it almost clear and easier to get up and out of my lungs.

I am 71 years old and do not have to take any other meds, thank the Lord. I enjoy these forums for all the information - not everything works for everyone so it is trial and error.

I am thankful for every day.
Faye Mays

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