cramping around the ribs

I was just reading this and am so surprised that other people have this also.

Rib Pain

I get this pain on both sides of my ribs, and it really hurts bad, I can barely move. If I am in the car if I twist around to look in the back seat it hits me and it kills me from the pain. I have to stand up to make it better. I have had sonograms and they don't see anything. They told me it is just muscles, but they never said it was from COPD.

Before I had COPD

I used to get it before I was diagnosed with COPD, but I was probably getting COPD then, cause i did have a problem walking up a hill, and had a hard time breathing. I am not overweight, I just smoked which I know was stupid now. I was in Real Estate and it is very stressful, people don't know that but it is. You get yelled at if the house doesn't close on time, usually because of the lender not doing their job. I am so glad I found this website and saw other people had the same problems. Thank YOU.

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