I’ve had COPD for 14 years. I was on oxygen 2L while sitting and 4L while ambulating. I developed emphysema in my early 40’s. Pulmonary doctor said it’s genetic. From constant lung infections I developed bronchiectasis. Then on Thanksgiving I was found by my husband that I was unresponsive. I was in critical condition in the ICU with COVID, infectious pneumonia, sepsis, and hypoxia encephalopathy. I spent 5 weeks in ICU and 3 months in the hospital. I suffered severe blood clots, it attacked my heart, and I was 90 L of high flow oxygen. I was able to recover and get down to 10L of high flow oxygen so I was finally allowed to go home.

My life after COVID

My issue is now that I’m home, I’m on such high amount of oxygen that I can’t leave the house. My freedom is a 50 ft. cord. I have developed pulmonary hypertension. I have a-fib from the COVID. And yes thanks to COVID my hair is now falling out ugh...

My family doesn’t understand that I’m not all that happy living this life. I was sick before COVID, but COVID pushed my lungs over the edge and I need a double lung transplant. I’m not really interested in doing that. It’s a whole lot of risk and no guarantees. I’m loved greatly by my family I know that and I have great friends but being attached to a 50ft cord and not being able to leave the house, walk the yard, enjoy my life. How can I get them to understand that this is not living. This is existing.

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