As I sit here alone for another Holiday, I find peace and/or comfort in nothing. I am reminded of being called a Burden and a treated like a leper or less of a person because I have a chronic illness. I have been shamed because I am not always ready, have enough air in my tanks, stop to catch my breath or miss an outing or invite or need to cancel.
Some stories here actually make me very angry. I have no one to make me or bring me a cup of coffee. No one to help me carry heavy things or worry if I might fall or slip outside on the ice or snow. If I am having a bad day I still have to get up and tend to my needs.
I forget sometimes what day it is because they are all the same. Some days I don't get out of bed, why bother. Showering and hygiene, what is that. I try to exercise but most days I really have no reason too. I really admire anyone with the courage and strength to live a life because mine is empty.

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