COPD? How did I get that?

Last updated: March 2021

I was diagnosed with COPD about 10 years ago. I went for a breathing test at the pulmonologist and he said I had mild COPD and asthma. I was shocked since I never smoked ever. I did work in a factory when I was out of high school soldering parts for rockets. Maybe the fumes affected my lungs.

Now I leave a different slower life doing yin yoga everyday and I take breaks in between. I do my chores but take my time. I try to not push myself too hard and when I feel my chest tighten I rest and use my nebulizer. I also use my inhaler twice a day. I am 63 now and I recently had a test. The dr said I got slightly worse from my last test. I just have to be careful and not push myself too hard.

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