Back Pain

I'm a 65 year old man that smoked for 35 years. Was told I had COPD 9 years ago and continued smoking up until I had an attack of sorts, when my eyes rolled back in my head I was thrashing around, had NO idea what was going on and I passed out and was taken to the ER (where I woke up). I had this incredible pain in my back that was so bad I rolled over on my left side and held onto the bed rail - was the only way I could get some kind of relief. (then the nurse gave me a pain pill).

The ER doctor told me that that pain is something that comes with pneumonia and is called pleurisy. I was in the hospital 5 months ago and I am still having pain from it. Some days it's bad, other days not so much, but still there and most noticeable when I've been sitting or reclined back on the bed and then start to stand up right.

I've told my doctor about it and she says "some people will have it for a few weeks, some a few months, others it stays with them longer." I'm not a fan of pills but when this comes knocking I will take as much as I can stand then I have to reach for a pain pill.

Anyone else ever have that pleurisy?


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