I too have some difficulty with anxiety. My daughter thinks I should get therapy. I disagree. Therapy can't remove the source of my anxieties.

What makes me anxious?

I am anxious going anywhere, concerned that I might have an issue I can't deal with away from home. I am anxious about COVID. I have had all my shots including the booster. I could still get the virus and can only hope that my system will survive it. I also have an ostomy bag, and that raises a whole other set of anxieties.

What can I do?

All I can do is be sure that I have all the equipment and supplies I might need. All I can do is to remember my calming breathing exercises. I do the best I can all the time. I am a widow and live alone. I have an exercise program and that seems to help a bit. A little more support from my daughter who I might see every 4 to 6 months and calls not too frequently, would help a lot but I have given up on that. Thank the Lord I have wonderful friends that support me.

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