In a Winter Wonderland

Last updated: August 2018

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening

In the lane, snow is glistening

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight

Walking in a winter wonderland

Screeeeech, as I imagine the needle of an old the record player sliding across the record...

Once upon a time I would happily sing that song, as I enjoyed the picture perfect new fallen snow. Even being out in the crisp winter day would bring a smile. I used to enjoy visiting my parents in Florida every year and as I got older and my arthritis got worse, I would threaten to move south, why not Florida! I didn’t move and continued living in South Dakota. I did move from northern South Dakota to the south, central part of the state. Yep I moved south about 3 hours away! Brrr.

With COPD, cold sends me fleeing for the house.

Breathing that cold air into my lungs was a big reality check. It zapped my breath away and my chest hurt. I always thought cold air was drier air, this still seems damp. Today we’re at -8* and humidity is 65%. I know that there has been a time or two, maybe 12 that I’ve struggled when I stepped out to breathe in that cold air. I know this is easier than Florida, because of the humidity there. I also have exercise induced asthma. That can cause lungs to react differently too.

At my house, the indoor thermostat is known to fluctuate between heat and A/C as my breathing requests, during any given 12-hour period. I've been told this can drive a person crazy. Talking with others from different climates, I don’t know if there is any location that is perfect. I’ve asked, I think others have as well.

I do know that my overall body likes the heat.

As one doctor mentioned, below the neck I need a sauna, above the neck I need drier air. I do know my arthritis was happy in Arizona. Back to talking with others, if you ever want a lively conversation, this is a good and enjoyable topic.

Regardless of where a person lives, they need to dress appropriately. No matter what the weather, I always carry an extra sweater. Indoor temperatures can fluctuate and I can’t always set the thermostat. If you live in the cold winter temps, be sure to dress appropriately. Layers are best. Be sure to cover your face and head. Your face because you shouldn’t be breathing in that cold wintry air, especially bitter cold. Also, if you are on oxygen, be sure to wear your oxygen tubing inside of your coat. In warmer/hotter temperatures, dress appropriately. Make sure too, to carry a sweater if you’ll be going into air-conditioned buildings and even for cooler night air.

I’ll continue to enjoy the winter wonderland from the inside looking out.

My husband took some beautiful snowy pictures of our Missouri River today. They are beautiful. Yet, brrrr.

I hope you enjoy a breathe-easy, picture perfect day and night!

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