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Time Flies

It seems that we were just preparing for summer, now kids and their parents are getting ready for school. Fall is right around the corner and the Hallmark channel has some wonderful Christmas shows. Yes, you heard me right, Christmas videos. I so enjoy saving shows and movies to my DVR. Then before bed, I choose a show or two, or a movie to watch. Some are repeats from last year and some are new. It’s easy to predict the endings, but for some reason, I’m getting in the spirit already. I’m getting excited and enjoy making some homemade gifts. This excitement is a necessity. Time to get my crafts organized so I can make gifts and do the other projects. I am wanting and needing to do this. I also need to keep myself excited, otherwise, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. One day at a time, one project at a time.

I need to back up a bit…

We have 13 grandchildren. Six will begin their varying grades of school. It’s hard to believe that they are entering into another milestone in their lives. They grow so fast. 4 have graduated to date, and another will graduate this year. They grow up so very fast. I wish they lived closer. I cherish whatever time I can have with them so it’s important to do something special for them.

Preparing for fall

We prepare for fall in similar ways that the kids prepare for school. We get our warmer clothes out and rewash.

I also schedule year-end doctor and dentist appointments. If appointments are going to be more expensive because of tests, etc, I will schedule for the end of the year, since deductibles are usually met. Even with me on disability, I like to think I am saving the government and my personal insurance some expenses.

Memories for myself and my family members

I am doing a family photo book for my brothers and my grown children. Scanning photos is a priority. It’s been hard after losing my mom in January and my dad 7 years ago, but it will be healing and something to treasure forever.

I am also going to start writing something fun, some type of family history for our kids and grands. I think that will be fun and hopefully enjoyed for years to come.

To me, those are the things that I treasure doing and giving. When I am sick and/or gone, they will always have that part of me. Hopefully, it will be shared down through the generations. The tough part for me will be to put one foot in front of the other and to make sure this gets done. This will be a great place too, to share and educate on COPD and Alpha-1. I don’t have Alpha-1 but it is definitely worth mentioning.

I see a lot of I, I and I’s being used. As I get older and have been through some scary health issues, it’s important to prioritize things. I believe in building memories and sharing with loved ones. It keeps us alive and helps them to know where they come from. These things have always been so important to me. What’s important to you?

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  • TracyCarnahan
    3 months ago

    Thank you Janet, I enjoyed your musings on memories. I too have given this subject a lot of thought, though not as much as you with your 13 grandkids to my 1. I am not a talented crafter and I can write well enough but I labor over it. I have been quite worried that the family will completely drift apart permanently after I go. We all lead such separate lives even though we live close together. So I have been concentrating on creating live and in person memories. I get everyone or as many as I can, together at the main house (they don’t think we know it but they all call it the elders house ) and eat or drink ice tea or both. At first if the adult kids and other elders balked at coming (and they did) I would say never mind. But! I’m the one that’s dying and I will play that card when it comes to the family doing things together that creates memories. Hah! I will.also write some and crochet a few lap blankets.

  • Janet Plank moderator author
    3 months ago

    Your bringing the family together is good! How neat to write and create lap blankets. They will be a treasure.The think about not being a talented crafter applies to many people, but what a way to create something that will please you. It’s also a great stress reliever.

    Sadly, families do drift apart. It’s wonderful that you are thinking of that and working to bring everyone together.

    It’s wonderful that you are creating memories. Those are things that can be cherished for generations to come.

    I hope that you have a better breathing, better enticing to bring your family together and do things that create memories. What a wonderful thing.

    Breathe easy and happy memory building,
    Janet (author/site moderator)

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