As Summer Leaves and Autumn Arrives

Last updated: November 2021

Well, it definitely feels like summer is getting shorter and shorter. I feel like it won't be too long before we will only have two seasons.

Changes inside and out

As the weather changes, so does my COPD. I've also noticed there have been more changes within my body lately. I've always had short spiked hair (very fine) but as of late it has been coming out in new places and my skin has become even dryer than normal. It may be the weather changing but also my COPD becoming entangled with it all.

I need to change my hairstyle and stock up on the necessities for the winter months. Here where I live in South Wales (UK) they could all see me coming with purple spiked hair. I wonder if they will see me coming with a different hairstyle.

Comorbidities and risks

I don't handle the winter very well. I dislike all the rain as it plays havoc with all my health issues (COPD, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, plus a few more). It's been a strange year and a half having no visits from my healthcare team. If I really needed them they would have come out, but they are so busy and I don't want to put them or myself at risk.

I've managed to get some consistency in my daily management as I now feel the local gym won't be safe for me to return. Autumn is here now and it's pretty damp which does cause me to wheeze and ache. Plus I like the leaves on the trees not rotting on the pavements.

Doing what makes us feel good

It's important to do what we feel best doing. We should not try to please others, rather, let's put ourselves first. Though some people may think this is selfish, it definitely is not. We need to feel comfortable and safe in our lives as it is difficult enough to get through our day-to-day with COPD.

My days can completely change within an hour. It's difficult to plan ahead, so if I'm making plans, they usually relate to things done at home like cleaning, exercising, and other hobbies like drawing or knitting. If the weather is nice that morning, I will go out on my buggy and not have time to think about it. It's best if I don't think about it too long. If I think about too long I won't go out.

The nights are drawing in so going out is going to be limited. I'm one of those who dislikes dark evenings and dark mornings. I crave daylight and sunshine. The cold damp days make me wheeze and my joints ache - definitely not the best days for me.

Life after a diagnosis

Though it sounds like I'm moaning a lot, it makes me smile reading it as I have plenty to do at home and indoors. Hobbies that I love doing keep me active at home. For example, exercises, knitting, drawing, and cooking with the help of my husband.

You can keep healthy and happy - it just takes some juggling with the life we now have. It is important to move forward and keep focused on what we can still do and not dwell on what we can't. There is life after a diagnosis.

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Editor's Note: We are heartbroken to share that Debz passed away in October of 2021. She is deeply missed but her positivity and resilience live on through her articles. Thank you for everything, Debz.

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