My Most Stressful Time of the Month

Last updated: October 2017

Does bill paying time of the month throw your body system off? It sure does mine. I would call this my stressor time of the month. It can get my heart racing, tighten my chest and affect my breathing. Yes, stress can affect our COPD and breathing! Pursed-lip breathing, in 1-2-3 and out 1-2-3-4. I have noticed that I can get a bit short with my hubby too. Since I had a hysterectomy years ago, my time of the month can only be during my bill paying time of the month.

With everything going on in my life, this is the one time that affects me the most.

So often I hear of people who are struggling to purchase their medications, who are homeless and can’t find a place to live. People who had their electricity turned off and they are struggling without their oxygen.

Watching the news, social media and talking to friends in Texas, Louisiana, Montana and Oregon, my heart breaks for those in the middle of the rain, floods and the fires. I remember the devastation when my daughter lost her basement in the 2007 flood in Aberdeen SD. A year later, my son lost his business in the 2008 floods in Cedar Rapids.

I can somewhat relate to those in the flood areas. The devastation and the loss. I used to live in Custer, SD in the Black Hills. I do understand the wildfires as well. It’s going to take a long time for these people to get their lives back, and it will possibly be a changed life. I feel helpless, because there isn’t anything I can do to help them, except to reach out with kind words and understanding in support of their struggles.

Yet, my reality and the reality of so many others remains that we too have bills to pay.

As I sit in my office chair, I stretch my back and neck, shake out my arms and hands, I tell myself that I can do this. I sort through my bills, and figure out which need to be paid first on a specific date, those I want to send first. I schedule these according to paychecks and monies that we expect during the month.

There may be a bill that I can’t make a full payment, then I write a note to the company that I will make the final payment on a certain day next month. For some small and local businesses, I will give them a post-dated check. Hey, I’m doing this! We have monthly medication bills, which are usually the same amount at the same time. Money is set aside for those as well as groceries and any additional incidentals.

I’m doing this! I find that I have it all worked out and know that talking to our debtors makes everything okay. I hope for those struggling, that this helps you and that you are able to work out your monthly stressors and to know that you aren’t alone.

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