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Starting Anew

Starting Anew

Sometimes, living this COPD life, as well as a life of chronic illness, makes it difficult to find things to look forward to. Many live a life where every day is like the day before. It’s up to us do to find a reason to celebrate a new day, to celebrate life. To celebrate anew. We can do this yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily. I like to think of this as “starting anew”.

No matter how I feel, how things are in my life, or in the lives of those around us, no matter what the distance, there is this opportunity to celebrate a new life!

Some won’t understand that and that’s okay. We are getting through these days and with COPD it might lead you to wonder why.

I find that it’s easy to let go and get stuck in the tough things, especially health issues. These keep us imprisoned in our bodies. With the struggles to breathe, the pain, and other heath issues. It would be so much easier to let our health take over every inch of our bodies, yet we have living to do.

A new starting place

We all need a starting place, that’s why Mondays came to mind. However, we can start over anytime. Be it 5 minutes from now or even tomorrow. It’s important that we do start over, that’s what keeps up the stamina and determination. You might find hope. Even some laughter and smiles.

It’s important to start over from where you are now.

Will it make you healthier? It might, because this gives you a chance to help you emotionally, which can help you physically. That’s so big.

Keeping strong for myself and my family

I know for me, I am not able to keep fighting, when I let all this constantly beat me down, physically and emotionally. I can however, change the way I think about it all. I want to be strong for my family, I want to be there to see my grandkids graduate, get married and have families. To see our kids do well. The only way that I can do this is to let myself do it.

Celebrate life

Would you like to celebrate life? That could be a wonderful virtual party. I think that we can do it anytime, yet still, it will be easy to let this get me down. Not today or tomorrow however. Not on Monday either.

When someone asks what do you want out of life, how will you respond? Maybe you say you don’t care what day of the week it is, or what matters. Maybe you will say that you want to be healthier, and to live a longer life. Maybe you will say you want to be financially better, so you can pay your bills and get your medications without stressing out all of the time.

I know for me, I have said that a couple of times, lol “I know for me”! Anyway, I just know that it’s a big job to keep on keeping on. I’m ready. I know that when I’m thinking better, it does make a difference on my headaches, body aches and more.

Happy Monday! Or whatever day it is!

Hoping that it’s a breathe-easy day.

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  • John Bottrell, RRT moderator
    8 months ago

    Excellent motivational piece, Janet!!! So true what you say! I’ve applied this “starting anew” as well in my life. Funny, I usually begin my new life on Monday’s too. Of course, it’s also fitting for the new year, as this is a great time for “starting anew.” Thanks. John. Site Moderator.

  • Janet Plank moderator author
    8 months ago

    Thank you John!

  • Barbara Moore moderator
    8 months ago

    Thank you Janet for that great article, so timely because January is a natural time for renewal. Lots of great information here. Barbara (site moderator)

  • Janet Plank moderator author
    8 months ago

    Barbara, thank you

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