Spring Is In The Air

It looks so beautiful outside, yet it’s cold, It’s only the first day of March. Geese are flying, so we know that spring is in the air and getting closer. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, fall being the other. Spring brings new life with the birth of new baby animals, flowers and crops. To me, 60 – 80 degrees are the best! Spring also brings “spring cleaning” to the forefront. When I was young, I used to think my mom was going way over the top when we would wash walls, curtains, drawers, floors and anything else that could be seen. Now I look forward to doing it. Sure, it’s a struggle, but such satisfaction when finished, that is new again too. Now though we, you and me have to remember to pace ourselves and don't overdo. Tomorrow is another day, and it might take a few days to recuperate after each small cleaning spree.

Do you do spring cleaning? When do you usually start?

I’m thinking that if I start now, I might be ready for spring. I can only do so much. When going outside, I used to love smelling those floral scents of trees as they blossom and grow. Now though, I cover my face, to protect myself from those new born buds and fruits. Lilacs that used to bring such joy, spike a big reaction of allergies, with my COPD as well, because they do affect my breathing and other things. I always wonder, do they affect others and you too?

My dream is to have a big window, so that I can look outside and see the trees and wildlife. Then, I could hear the sounds of that first robin, as well as other birds and animals, that bring such joy. It’s so amazing once seasons change, to see so many different things in our yard. Our puppies, birds, birds in the birdbath, insects, warm sun, green grass and more.
Whoever came up with the slogan, “spring is in the air” still brings much joy. It’s like pulling the blinds and curtains from the windows of my house and even my mind.

Preparing for spring...

I know it will be a struggle, but if I start cleaning now, my house will be ready for spring.

We live one city block from the Missouri River. I took a photo the other day. How beautiful it was, everything so white from snow, yet so cold. Even though I threaten to go somewhere warm, it’s difficult not to see the beauty in each of the four seasons.

I know others have been waiting for the spring time zone change, so that it’s light later. That makes perfect sense, for body and mind. What do you think of the time zone? Arizona I believe, is the only place that doesn’t change times in the spring and the fall.

Also, I find that it’s easier to exercise. If it’s not too floral smelling, it would be wonderful to find a level surface to do some walking outdoors, my furbabies would like that. I know that I could do more exercises, because it’s important for my COPD health. I look forward to the farmers market that will be coming as well.

Ah, spring has already moved into the house, with muddy paws on puppy dogs.

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