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Juicing for COPD

Last updated: June 2023

I was at stage 4 the very first time I was ever tested for COPD and that first year dealing with this new life of mine was dreadful. That feeling like the bottom dropping out of a damp paper bag when you pick it up. Everything seems to happen at glacier speed when trying to get help and get answers.

Learning what I needed

By far the most frustrating part of the journey was making contacts with all the different branches of government, trying to learn what I would require to live with COPD. Thankfully, my general practitioner said that a local COPD clinic might be helpful. They provided workshops on medication, exercise, diet, and lifestyle programs. During my onboarding, her first question was 'Who is your respirologist?' which I neither had nor knew what that meant. The clinic was wonderful and very helpful. I was a mess and felt completely lost before attending. The dietician they had on staff struck a chord with me on the importance of a proper diet, especially now that my health was front and center.

My relationship with veggies

Gardening was a passion of mine passed down by my papa and my dad. I loved growing many varieties of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. That said, veggies and I had a deal from when I was a boy - we could be friends as long as they didn't get in my mouth! It was a great relationship for years and I would enjoy growing them and giving them away. I came to like some of the bland colored ones, but nothing green! Yuck! Then I came across a documentary on juicing, and that my friends was a deal-breaker.

Having that aha moment

The gentleman in the documentary was suffering from many minor issues which were related to a lack of exercise and a poor diet. His solution was a juice cleanse where he drank healthy juices instead of eating meals. This is what got me thinking - how many vegetables could I get into my system if I could drink them with my food?! The dietician was advocating to make our food choices as healthy as humanly possible. It makes sense as you can't run an old lawnmower with crappy gas!

Find what you like

You don't have to go very far to find recipes on juicing. Apparently, I live under a rock and didn't realize the whole world was juicing without me. It's a game of 'mad scientist' until you find what your taste buds enjoy. Make sure to run anything you change past your medical team first.

I still eat my two meals a day plus two snacks like I always did, but now I add a big glass of green super juice with dinner - it's St. Paddy's Day every day! I'm getting kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, ginger, apples, pears, lemons, and water into my diet. I have since added ground hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax, and pea protein to the mix. Vegetables and I have kissed and made up and hopefully have a long and healthy life together!

Breathe free, my friends!

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