You Are My Inspiration

Last updated: June 2023

You are my inspiration. Yes, you!

You may wonder where I’m coming from. Maybe we haven’t chatted or even said hello to each other, yet how could I know you? Maybe you don’t know me. Yet you inspire me.

The power of sharing stories

When reading what has been written, whether it's in a story or the comments, it speaks to me. I tend to wrap myself around what I see, hear, and read. A story can be a conversation between the author and the commenter.

When you talk about your health or what's going on in your life, it feels like you are talking to me. That you trust me. I'm sure that others feel the same.

Because you are sharing, you are likely saying something there to help me be a better person or patient. That may not be intentional. However, these words often speak to me.

Maybe those were words that I needed to hear. They may be words that another needs to hear as well. There might be something you will find to help you.

Those are words of encouragement. That’s an inspiration! Are you thinking, 'I have COPD. What do I have to look forward to?’

Finding joy in small moments

A chronic disease, such as COPD, can make breathing difficult. It can cause depression and aggravate other health problems. We might be shut-ins or have difficulty spending time with others because of scents and smells.

Yet I believe we can find something inspiring every day and something to look forward to. It might be a picture of the grandkids or a flower from the neighbor’s garden. Even someone takes you out for an ice cream cone. Maybe the Farmer's Market is open, with fresh fruit and vegetables for sale.

There are so many wonderful things out there. They may not always be within our reach.

I have learned though, that I can ask a neighbor if they go to the Farmers Market. If so, can I ride along? Could someone deliver ice cream from the store? Does anyone like to play checkers, gin rummy, or even charades? Playing a game with friends is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Do things seem bleak to you? You might not find much hope of feeling better with everything, yet you still have to live.

Have you discussed any depression or anxiety you might have with your doctor? Do you belong to a support group? Support is so important.

To be honest, I sometimes get overwhelmed with life issues. There are times that I struggle and would rather just be alone. 

Finding new connections

Even though I’m basically homebound and can get lonely, every day offers new options. Our kids and grandkids are a phone call or message away.

I might need the energy from one over the next. I might call or message each one just to say I love you. Often one might be heavy on my mind, and I need encouragement from that person or to give encouragement if they need it.

Sometimes those senses do kick in. I might come here to our community. I might read or search the stories, comments, and more. Maybe something speaks to me, something that leads me to a different way of thinking. Something could draw me to a smile. It could even trigger encouragement to get me to exercise. Possibly even to take a walk or to play with my pups, who really do brighten my days.

Maybe there is someone who posted that wants a response or someone we can relate to. It might be time to put everything away and watch a movie with my husband. I’ll even pop some popcorn to munch on while we watch together.

How amazing life can be! Most importantly, just breathe.

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