Time Flies When You Do Nothing

Last updated: August 2023

Time seems to fly by. We just got over the new year, and before we knew it, here came August.

Another eight months have passed. There seems to be no taming this fleeting of time.

Because I am challenged, I use a sharp tongue when referring to my disabilities. A feeling of extreme sadness envelopes me. This is sadness for the loss of who I was.

I remember the days of feeling like I was productive. Can I have that again? I want something to wake up to and look forward to doing.

Having idle hands

My idle hands allow me to focus on my breathing for far too long. I have nothing to think about, and I have developed an "Oh, Poor Me" attitude about living with a chronic illness like COPD.

As we approach the fall of this year, I’m thinking about the advantages of changing our thought pattern from dread to accomplishment with a hobby.

Having hobbies

Finding a hobby is finding a way to pass the time and be productive. As you learn to stay in the moment, you gain and maintain good mental health while adding structure to your day. This can count as self-care.

Embrace the search and find something that you love to do. Surf your library, Pinterest, YouTube, or other websites for ideas. Pick something you always wanted to try, then take the first step to get started.

Call a craft store or ask for recommendations from friends and family. It might be a good idea to look for low-cost to no-cost services catering to the elderly, COPD persons, and other communities for those with chronic illnesses. It is really your preference. When you ask a question, someone will answer.

Questions you should ask when calling for more information:

  •  What is the cost to get started
  •  How long it should it take to finish
  • What supplies to you need
  • Do they offer classes

For me, virtual classes are best. In-person is coming back, but it is not for me.

Maybe instruction or creating videos for YouTube or Instagram is something that you could do. With today’s technology, almost anything is possible, including instruction of classes. Lots of craft stores, YouTube, and Facebook offer both in-person and virtual courses.

Find the time

A hobby helps you to regain structure in your day and helps to keep you mindful of your environment. It is nice because we have the luxury of loving what we spend time on.

Contribute time daily working on your hobby. Set a daily reminder. Stay involved to keep yourself active. You gain a sense of accomplishment for a well-done task in no time. This is how we retain our brains.

When we become aware of the minutes and what we do with them, we tend to think about making them count. Living in the present and staying in the present moment helps us to relieve anxiety and stress and the passage of dreadful thoughts and feelings as it redirects our brain to think healthier thoughts.

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