My Family Picnic (Part 2)

Part one of this story can be found here.

In part one, I talked about our annual family picnic. There was a laundry list of stuff to planning a day trip.

The weather can determine how long I can stay and how good or bad the experience will be. It is usually a factor in breathing with COPD. If the day is too humid, hot, or windy, I know I will have trouble breathing.

I can’t sit in direct sun, and too much shade makes me chilly.

Meeting up with my family

Of course, I was fashionably late. Everyone was at the park and seated before we arrived. I watched them as they watched us pull up and park.

Then all eyes were on us as my son and my husband got my scooter out of the trunk and put it together. They watched as I drove to the picnic area and joined the circle.

Everyone was surprised because they didn't know I would be driving my scooter. As they waited for my arrival, they chatted about how I would manage to get to the picnic area and what they would do to help me.

They were concerned about how I would get from the car to the site because there was an incline to get to the actual picnic area. Seeing me navigate the park well with my scooter seemed to take the pressure off them to keep me safe.

Of course, my grandson was there with his parents, which made my day. He had already gotten wet at the splash pad and came to see me wrapped in a towel.

We talked about the splash pad, the lake, and how much fun he had. Most of us are socially starving, so this was a good day.

Spending time with those I love

Dinner was excellent, with a whole variety of summer fruits and veggies. After the grandson dried off a bit and we had eaten way too much of everything, including my sisters’ cookies, it was time for a walk.

It had been forever since I had walked off my dinner.

I did not walk off my dinner, but I joined in the fun while others did. My grandson asked me if we could go to the splash pad with him.

He was optimistic that I had never seen one before, so I took him up on his offer.

His mother walked with us as we explored the park together, from the picnic area to the waterslide, the sandy lake, and the climbing gyms. I can’t say when I had as much fun. It was probably the first picnic we had since 2019.

Being thankful I attended

After much consideration and after all the planning that went into the day, was it the right decision? Absolutely.

I enjoyed my family and enjoyed spending the day with them. I genuinely appreciate my sister and everyone who put forth the effort to be there that day.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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