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5 Tips for Managing Depression With COPD

My mom was an open book. Whatever she was going through, those close to her knew about it. She spoke in plain terms about managing depression with COPD.

She didn’t really see it as a battle to win or lose. Feelings of depression were a fact of life for her, and she used various tools and resources to live with it.

Five tips for managing depression with COPD

These five tips for managing depression with COPD are straight from my mom's experience.

Listen to yourself

Listen to your inner voice. We all have a story that runs through our minds.

When mom felt sad, my mom would not let that story run away. She called it, and then talked about having feelings of sadness.

By speaking her truth, she was inviting someone to understand. Mom wasn’t a sad person. She was a person who experienced sadness and depression.

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Shape your relationships

The people we talk to the most are our family, social circles, and medical team. Those relationships can impact how you feel about life. So if someone does not see your worth, or disrespects you, set a boundary.

I remember when someone got judgey with mom about smoking. She cried and poured her heart out to me. Then she said, “I can’t let this ruin how I feel about all of the good people in my life who love me and are here for me.” Instead, she created an inner circle of trusted confidents who had her best interest at heart.

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Staying active

Make physical exercise a priority. My mom was tethered to her oxygen tubing for years.

She bought extra tubing and connectors so she could cruise through the house. She made use of every inch of her apartment. Her kitchen chair became a stretch and strengthen work out place.

She also spent time outdoors with her plants. Exercise is proven to increase mood boosting chemicals and are a great tool for accepting feelings of depression.

Create routines for yourself

Create a day and night routine. Have supplies nearby for your favorite hobby. Join an online support group and meet up for chats. Attend events like bingo, concerts, spiritual growth groups, or a book club.

My mom planned grocery shopping in advance by making lists. Then, she bought lunch for her chauffeur, so she got a lot of takers from friends and family. A new craft supply could boost her mood for days.

Help other people

She spent time in online forums helping others feel better about their health. Her home was the canned good drop off place for needy families.

She also restored used toys for needy kids. Because she understood how hard life could be, she always had a good word for others. I was so proud of how much love she gave to her community.

Managing long-term depression

Long term depression should be treated by a medical provider. In addition to the above, my mom took antidepressants. She tried a few different ones and finally settled on a medication that balanced her ups and downs.

She finally accepted her depression with COPD, and that helped her to see it from a different viewpoint. It was part of her daily life, and she found joy and purpose in spite of it.

I hope these five tips can help you.

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