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Making a Video

When I wake in the morning, there is a corner of my window that allows me to have a peek out and tells me what kind of weather we will be expecting today. This day is promising as the birds are singing and the sun is shining.

Grateful to have a good day with COPD

I am so grateful that I have waked this morning to another glorious day and that I am able to get out of bed on my own accord and use the washroom without assistance. This is a dream that eludes many.

As I make my way to the kitchen, I grab a cup of coffee that is ready and brewing by those that have preceded me out of bed. Checking the front window, I hear the birds and see that the sun is indeed shining brightly. I decide to make the most of my resources today.

Breakfast is a combination of bananas for potassium and boiled eggs for much needed protein. Exercise will be the key today.

Using pursed lip breathing and a walker to get around

Using pacing techniques and pursed lip breathing, I have a quick shower to help increase my endurance. Once showered, I need a bit of a rest in my terry robe and gather my senses. I continue pacing and pursed lip breathing techniques as I proceed getting dressed. I will need my supplemental oxygen tank topped up and ready while my hair is drying.

My walker is on my enclosed porch and ready for any trip I deem necessary. Today’s exercise will include a brisk walk around the block.

Leaving the house with COPD

As I open the screen door I feel the excitement of getting out of the house all by myself, something like in the old days. The fluttering of birds is inviting me to the open air. I take a deep breath and inhale the outdoors. I can smell the fresh cut lawns and hear the hum of mowers completing their weekend tasks. How pleasant is it to be free and out of doors?

I am lucky enough to live in a safe neighbourhood where lawns are manicured and look lovely from every angle. Every other house has a sidewalk that fills with shade from the 45 year old trees and they allow me a cool rest when it is necessary.

My walker provides me with the support my upper body needs when I am walking. There is an attached basket that holds my 02 tank and other things that need to be with me. I always have my cell phone handy in case I need help.

As I walk, I take mental pictures that are stored in the recess of my mind. My senses are wide awake. I take in the sight and smell of the beautiful flowers that are all colours of the rainbow. The welcoming sound of wind chimes as the breeze passes does not elude me. I am filled with excitement at my ability to exercise and marvel at how well I can do it today.

Focus on the good days, rather than the bad days

These sights, sounds and senses that I keep in my mind are priceless to me. These images and videos soothe my mind on the bad days that forbid me from leaving my bed. On those rainy, cold, or sick days when I cannot complete this task, I will replay today’s video.  Nobody can take these wonderful images away from me.

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