A hand pulls the window shades up and down revealing a diamond, then a rock.

Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Aren't

Last updated: May 2022

I exercise, meditate, eat healthy meals, and am generally happy. Yet, there are days that I wake up depressed, feel out of place in my own home, or find myself lashing out at my spouse.

Those are my bad COPD days.

Some days I hate having COPD

When this happens, I become so much more aware of this disease. I notice all of the inconveniences that come with COPD.

Like becoming more fixated on the fact that my oxygen hose is twisted up to my neck, which is a common occurrence. It feels as if I am tethered to the oxygen machine on days like this.

Times like this are when I begin to feel fragile. I think that I am honestly sick and tired of living with COPD.

Talk about a pity party. I know how to throw one.

John Denver said it in the song, "Some days are diamonds and some days are stones".

He sang this about a lover that left him. We all have those days for one reason or another, though.

At this point in my life, it is about those days that I have to dig down deep to find my happiness and remember life is what we make of it.

Morning yoga or even a simple stretching session work wonders for me on some days. Other times, this doesn't help, and I have to try harder to find my way out of the mire my mind has created.

I am not proud of it, but some days I seriously struggle.

Worry is not good for our health

I worry that if I am not careful, I will get stuck there and become an unhappy, ungrateful human being.

We've all known someone that fits that description, and I venture to say none of us want to be that person. Another thing we know is that happiness is essential to maintaining our optimal health,

In other words, we need to change our mood.

Trying to find joy in the bad days

I like to write, so journaling is a tool for me. If the weather is agreeable, a nice walk can do wonders. Hobbies can help as well.

I love to cook, so something as simple as working on a menu can put a smile on my face. Art projects, sewing, crocheting, working with wood, and any hobby that makes you feel good will help.

The key lies in our determination to enjoy life even when we are having what seems to be a terrible day.

I have found that somehow, I have to shake whatever it is off. I have to pick myself up, probably apologize for my behavior, and find a way to brighten the rest of my day.

I have to remember all the beautiful things that I am grateful for in my life, COPD or not.

Finding tools to cope

Can you relate? Do you have those days too?

I am guessing that I am not alone. I would love to hear about your coping tools and tricks, too, so please share them.

We can never have too many tools in our box. What helps you turn your day around?

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