Dust, Clutter and Minimalizing

Last updated: May 2018


Dust is a big trigger for my allergies, COPD and asthma. My doctors were thinking that my allergies were triggering my COPD exacerbations and SOB (shortness of breath). Those were very interesting concepts. They also wanted to put me on a cocktail of nasal sprays. One I was allergic to, the other two are fine. I'm now taking a cocktail of two inhaled sprays.

Since dust causes me so many reactions, my husband is the one who does the dusting.

I used to keep my knick-knacks in a couple of different china cabinets. They really made a difference in the room and everything stayed so clean. But looking under and behind the cabinet, I noticed all of the dust that we couldn’t normally reach and that put me into action. I sold one of our cabinets on the local rummage sale site.  Now comes the challenge of figuring out what to do with everything that was moved from the cabinet to the kitchen table! I decided to keep the gifts from my husband and families. Things that didn’t have any meaning, I would list and sell too. How sweet, additional money to pay bills. That made my day!


That word keeps coming to me because I’ve been hearing how we have a Minimalist Generation. These are the people who like the tiny houses, very few things will they keep, only what they need. Since my mom had given me some items to sell or do something with, I asked my brothers and kids if they would like any of them. They said "no, no room." I was really surprised, because in the day, things that we received from our sick or elderly relatives was an heirloom. It seems that people don’t think like that anymore. I’m sure that some do, I still do. How about you?

It's almost freeing in a way to let go of some things.

Such as those that have no value that are just things. I have had to find places for some items but most are going in the tote to be listed on the rummage sale site. I used to sell on E-bay, but it’s so nice to do local since there are no shipping and handling charges.

I have clothes that have been tucked away for years. It’s time to get them out and sell them as well. They’re way out of style. Hopefully they come back in style for someone who may be interested. To be honest, these haven’t fit me for years either, I just keep thinking that I will fit into them again. If I can get my weight down, I’ll happily treat myself to something new, with the money that I made downsizing. I need to realize, that if I haven't used something in a years time, I don't need it. Not until I get rid of it anyway.


The clutter is driving me a bit crazy, but this is progress. With COPD we often see the negative side of everything. It’s so much nicer to find happiness in the projects that are done. I’m thinking too that as I go through clothes, maybe there are some things that I can use in my crafting.

Crafts are very therapeutic for me.

It’s a wonderful thing to start something and be able to sit down and look at a finished product. With Christmas coming, who knows what I might come up with. I know that it won’t be to clutter anyone’s home or even my own.

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