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Last updated: January 2019

So, it’s important to have a great doctor. But, you’ll also want a doctor who fits your personality. Here are the four types of doctor personalities:


They are confident and very assertive. They are also aggressive and dominating. They are witty and focused. They rarely participate in small talk.1


They are very knowledgeable. Their answers are pithy. So, appointments tend to be pithy too. They know what needs to be done. So, you won’t have to endure lots of testing.


They may be overconfident and miss things. If they are wrong they won’t apologize. If you question them, their confidence and dominating personality may seem intimidating.

Is this type of doctor right for you?

They are what is often referred to as silent geniuses. They are very good at their jobs. You will definitely get good care. They are perfect if you like a doctor to take charge. But, can you handle too poor bedside manners?


They are slow and reserved. They are very conservative and consistent. They are relaxed, thoughtful, and very kind. Conversations can go in any direction.1


They are very knowledgeable. But, they will take their time to ponder. They will give you very long responses to questions you have. They are very laid back and easily approachable. They are very open to new ideas, and are very likely to let you try things.


Sometimes they can be wishy-washy. They may tend to be indecisive. Because of these two traits, office visits may get long. Because they are so laid back, they may appear to forget things. They may also be late for appointments.

Is this type of doctor right for you?

If you like an approachable doctor who is willing to spend extra time with you, this is the ideal doctor for you. They are also ideal for patients who already have a good idea what medicines they want to try.


They are very enthusiastic, cheerful, and personable. They tend to be very optimistic and easy to talk with. They tend to be impulsive and lack confidence. So, they may order lots of tests. They are very conversational and may ask lots of questions about you.1


Because they are so lovable, you’ll enjoy your visits. This is the type of doctor you may feel you could go out and have a beer or glass of wine with. They are very attentive to your concerns. They are very empathetic. You may get hugs when you’re feeling sad. You may get a pat on the back when a goal is accomplished. Because they order lots of tests, nothing will be missed. You will get ample treatment for any maladies you have.


They can sometimes be overly emotional. They are also prone to over ordering tests and over treating. Because they lack confidence, they may strike at you if you question them too much. But, they are so nice, it’s hard to hold this against them. Also, because they are so personable, their visits tend to run long. This can make them late for appointments. They may be forgetful.

Is this type of doctor right for you?

This type of doctor is ideal if you love nice, empathetic people. They are also great doctors if you’d rather be safe than sorry. They will never miss any disorder that you have.


They are very organized, pithy, and punctual. They tend to be meticulous, thorough, and thoughtful. They may also tend to be pessimistic and winy. They are also rule followers. They make sure things get done and done promptly.1


You will get a thorough assessment. They are very quiet but also very knowledgeable. If you ask them a question about something they know a lot about, you will get a long, thorough answer. They tend to be artistic and creative, so they may also draw diagrams to make things easy to understand. They are never late for appointments.


They tend to be taciturn. This can make them appear to have bad bedside manners. Sometimes they may seem to give too thorough an examination. Others they may seem to not give enough explanation.

Is this type of doctor right for you?

If you like a doctor who is organized, pithy, and quick to the point, this doctor is ideal for you. They do not waste time. You can be in and out the door in no time at all. Plus they will assure you’re taken care of promptly.

What type of doctor is ideal for you?

It depends on YOU. We all have different personality types of our own. Plus, we each have different expectations and needs. So, what type of doctor is ideal for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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