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My Years by the Decade

My life can easily be broken down by decades. Looking back, I find that each decade was spent with different people, doing different things as they interested me at the time.

Decades are a good way to organize my experiences

As I grew older, I moved on and found those with similar interests. Those people I spent time with appear to have changed as much as they stayed the same.

20 Years

Until my 20s, I was mainly learning to be independent. I was trying hard to stand on my own two feet and learning to grow up.

My time was spent getting an education, socializing, preparing to get married, and having a family. Married at 21, and within a year, we were pregnant.

In the next three years, we would have three children under three years of age. I interacted with my kids and many other moms and wives whose husbands worked with mine.

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My family was very important, and mine was incredibly close.

30 Years

In my 30s, I went to work because I no longer needed to be with the kids every minute. It was that time to be a separate entity from my children finally.

My life changed drastically. I learned about self-care and how OK it was for us to pamper ourselves.

I began getting manicures and having my hair done. We went for lunch every Friday.

Now I was meeting new people, and my husband and I began socializing with a new crowd. The family was necessary, and mine was still very much involved in my life.

40 Years

In my 40’s, I worked hard to build a career. This was a decade of learning and doing.

With my experience in hand, I returned to college and acquired a diploma in business and accounting. My job and social focus changed as my husband and I was now enrolled in college.

The family was important, and mine was somewhat still intact. It was hard to find time to socialize, but we spoke often and kept in touch.

50 Years

Children all grow up and become a significant part of our social circle. I finally had the pleasure of focusing on myself for as much time as I needed.

The goal of being an educator was achieved. My job became my career with a focus on education. I socialized for work functions.

The family is still important, but we don’t lean on each other as we did in the past. Our children are all adults, and we are all busy growing up and figuring out our own families.

60 Years

On the cusp of my 60th birthday, I was diagnosed with COPD. My focus changes as I become accustomed to living with a chronic illness.

I mourned my old life for too long and was finally forced just to let it go. My need to keep busy and be productive proved more straightforward than I thought it would.

The family was very important, and my diagnosis brought us closer.

What would you discover by writing through your decades?

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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