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It’s OK to Self-Care

I work every day, and sometimes on the weekends too. 

I don't get paid for many things that I work on. Are you like me?

I keep pushing myself to do hard things. If it isn't hard on me, it wasn't worth the time and effort.

Then, one day, while surfing the internet, I discovered something. Self-care days are actually allowed!

Planning your day of self-care

You can plan your self-care day and look forward to it. It is no longer a sign of laziness; it is actually good for you.

Not only does it help your body to heal, but it helps your mental health too. Who knew?

Too many of us have never taken down time, so we wouldn’t realize how good it feels.

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Rest is a form of self-care

If you are tired, it is OK to stay in bed; whether you take an afternoon nap or rest for the entire day, give the heart what it wants. Find a book you can’t put down and read it for an entire day.

Watch a not-to-be-missed tear-jerker, an autobiography of an actor you adore, or a favorite movie from your teen days.

Find a good podcast, put in your headphones, and put up your feet and listen. Take this opportunity to catch up on writing in your journal.

Leave letters and notes to loved ones.

Using tea to relax

You can’t underestimate the calming sensation of having a good cup of hot tea. I prefer herbal teas, but my husband loves a high caffeine content.

Tea goes with everything and anything. Try wide varieties and flavors of tea until you find one.

I grow spearmint for tea all summer. Your tastes will change, so don't stop looking for new teas to enjoy.

Serve it without guilt for a more significant effect.

Doing less can help a lot

I can choose to do less and do less at a slower pace. No one said that you were not allowed to stop drinking in your environment with mindful moments

Become aware of what surrounds you, and let it comfort you. Do it several times a day for a more significant effect.

Enjoying the quiet

The kids are all gone, so having a quieter life seems to suit me these days, and that’s OK. I can turn all the screens off, grab a piece of paper, and a pencil and begin to draw or doodle.

Sometimes the best pictures start as doodles, and I usually can talk myself through to a viable solution while doodling.

Cleaning, Dancing and Working Out

A self-care day is often followed by an active period. This is when I decide what activity suits me.

I can clean a corner, dance the afternoon away or do a formal workout. Gone is the guilt of having a self-care day as I realize the benefits that they bring me.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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